Getting started with myPaymail

If you’ve been granted access to the beta release of myPaymail, here a few pointers to get you started.


Once you have logged in to our platform, you’ll be able to create new Paymails (1), change the destination address of existing ones to any wallet of your choice (2), disable/enable them (3) and delete any unwanted ones (4). In the sections below, we provide more details on each of these actions.

Log in

First things first, you’ll need to create a user. This will happen automatically when you log in, once you accept our terms and conditions. We rely on OAuth for user authentication so that you don’t need to remember yet another set of credentials, and at this point, we support logins from existing Money Button accounts (more app integrations coming soon).

Your Paymails dashboard

A successful log in will take you to the Paymails dashboard. Here you’ll be able to check out your very first Paymail, which will take any payments made to and redirect them to the Money Button account that you’ve used during sign up. From here, you can create new Paymails, edit the destination address of existing ones, enable/disable them and delete those no longer needed (note that the delete action is only available for user-created Paymails). Let’s see a few examples.

Create a new Paymail

Just hit the “Create new Paymail“ button, and you’ll be prompted for the details to set up your new Paymail. For example, here we’ll create ““ and point it to our Money Button account:

Once we click the “Submit” button, we’ll be able to see the new Paymail in our dashboard:

We can also use the “Create new Paymail“ form to set up a new Paymail with a domain of our choice (a.k.a. personal Paymail):

In this case, we’ll have to configure our DNS records before we’re able to click “Submit”. Since we have hosted our domain in one of the supported platforms, we can just let our application to do the work for us:

The new Paymail will appear in our dashboard as usual:

Edit an existing Paymail

So far we’ve seen how to create new Paymails, but what about updating the existing ones? This can be easily done from the “Edit” menu. For example, let’s change the destination payment for ““ so that it points to a HandCash account:

The changes will be immediately reflected in the Paymails dashboard, under the relevant “Redirects to“ section:

Manage your active Paymails

If you end up with too many Paymails (if there’s such a thing!), you can always delete them, or disable them temporarily. Just click on the trash icon / on slider, and follow the instructions provided.

Submit feedback

We appreciate early adopters (in fact, we consider ourselves one of them), and would like to hear your thoughts on the platform, so do not hesitate to get in touch. If you still don’t have access to the platform, just visit this link to register and we’ll get you up and running.