Hello world!

We just announced myPaymail over a week ago, and as we’re getting ready for a pre-release, we would like to share a few highlights of the product with you. We hope that this blog post will start addressing some of the questions that you may have; let us know if there are any other topics that you’d like us to cover.

Why myPaymail?

Like many of you, we’re active users of Bitcoin SV and have ended up accumulating several Paymail handles over time, spread across multiple wallets. While we enjoy trying out the different interfaces, this is not a convenient situation when sharing handles, as it poses a few challenges. Should I share all my handles all the time? Organise them into categories and distribute them accordingly? How do I remember what I’ve shared with whom? And what if I change my mind along the way?

These are the main reasons why myPaymail was born. The key idea is to have a single Paymail handle, yet be able to change the destination wallet anytime. But we didn’t stop here. We soon realised that an even cooler feature would be to have a Paymail handle that matched our personal email. Done. And because of the way we’ve implemented this, we also realised that we could separate Paymail identity from payment destination. Or in other words, wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your favourite file encryption and digital signing apps, regardless of your choice of wallet? Done too.

Whether you stick to one or more myPaymail handles, the decision of how many you create is up to you. But each one of them remains fully configurable.

When can I get access?

We’re working hard towards releasing a pre-release version of myPaymail and gather your thoughts on it. If you’ve filled out our contact form, congratulations, you’ve already signed up for it! If not, here’s the link: https://mypaymail.co/#contact_form.

Expect to hear from us within the next weeks. In the meantime, stay tuned to learn more on what to expect from the platform and how to be ready for the setup.