myPaymail identities and RelayX integration

Today we’re reaching out with a new announcement: you can now use your RelayX wallet in myPaymail. And besides paying using RelayX, you can also change the public key exposed by your paymails.

Pay using RelayX

So far, we have only supported Money Button within myPaymail. From now on, you’ll also be able to pay using RelayX across all our services:

myPaymail identities

In addition, you’ll be able to use RelayX as your identity provider. So far we’ve been focusing on offering different ways to configure payment destinations. But Paymails are not just used to send Bitcoin. Since the inception of the Paymail protocol, each paymail exposes a public key that other Paymail clients can read. Typical uses of this public key are:

  • Verifying that a signature has been generated using a private key controlled by the owner of a given Paymail handle.
  • Encrypting data in such a way that only the owner of the Paymail handle can decrypt it.
  • Generating a shared secret between two users that can be used as the basis of more complex protocols.

In this release, you’ll be able to import the public keys provided by your Money Button or RelayX wallets into your myPaymail paymails. For new paymails, you’ll be able to select your desired identity provider along with your payment destination. For existing paymails, simply go to the edit page and you’ll find the option there.

To use your Money Button identity, simply select “Money Button” and authorize myPaymail to sign on your behalf using invisible Money Button:

myPaymail will onboard the public key shown on the screen, in this case Money Button:

If you prefer to use your RelayX identity, simply select that option in the dropdown menu. If your wallet is not paired with Relay One, click on the “Open in new Tab” button and follow the instructions:

Then allow myPaymail to read your RelayX paymail:

That’s all! We hope you find our new features useful. Let us know if you have any feedback!