Today we’re introducing a new feature in our platform: meet! You can now create a webpage linked to any paymail that you own, and receive payments from popular BitCoin wallets.

Paymails are a great way to pay other people or businesses. However, paying using links is becoming incredibly popular, as it is very easy to share those in social media or messaging apps. With our new feature, you can optionally set up a webpage for each of your paymails, which will have all the information needed to allow you to receive payments from popular BitCoin wallets. In other words, your contacts no longer need to type your Paymail address when sending you money. All the details are set from the paymail linked to the page, so any changes made to your paymail configuration will be reflected in your profile page. In addition, all payments made through your profile page will automatically appear in your transaction inbox, regardless of whether the sending wallet supports peer-to-peer payments or not.

Enabling your paymail profile page

There are two ways to enable profile pages: by creating a new paymail or editing an existing one.

When you edit a paymail, you’ll see a new checkbox that allows you to enable your profile page:

The same option will appear when you create a new paymail:

After enabling your profile page, you’ll see a new icon on your paymail:

If you click on the icon, your profile page will open in a new tab:

You can now share the URL with other people and get some BitCoin!

Profile page links have the following format:{alias}@{domain}

However, if you are using a ‘’ paymail, you can shorten the URL even further:{alias}

In our previous example, the URL would be

We hope you find this feature useful and, as always, let us know if you have any feedback!