myPaymail profiles

We’re glad to announce that you can now change the profile of all your paymails!

If you are a Money Button or HandCash user, you are probably familiar with the profile picture that appears when you send a payment or add a contact. This is normally implemented using the Paymail protocol extension. So far, the profile picture and name exposed by your paymails were not configurable, but our new release changes that.

The ability to change your profile in myPaymail has a few advantages:

  • Your profile is in one place, no matter what wallet you decide to use as the payment destination.
  • You can have different paymails that point to the same destination but have different profiles.
  • You can add a profile to a wallet that doesn’t support Paymail profiles.

Updating your paymail profile

When you edit a paymail, you’ll see a new section that allows you to change your profile picture and name:

The same section will appear when you create a new paymail:

After selecting an image, you’ll be able to zoom in and out to choose the portion that will be used as the profile picture:

When you’re done editing, click select and you’ll see your new picture in the edit form:

After submitting your changes, you’ll see the new profile reflected in your paymail cards:

We have plans to expand your profiles with additional functionality in the near future, so stay tuned!