Public beta and peer-to-peer payments

Today we’ve got some exciting news to share: the beta version of myPaymail is going public! Anyone with a MoneyButton account will now have access to the platform; simply go to our login page to get started.

And this is not all, we have also been working on some new features that we hope you’ll love. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

Peer-to-peer payments

We’re glad to announce that myPaymail now supports the new Paymail peer-to-peer capabilities. In other words, we have implemented the new Paymail specifications that were recently released by MoneyButton and HandCash, which make it possible for wallets to send transactions directly to recipients. Previously, wallets would broadcast all transactions to the Bitcoin network, and the recipient would have to monitor the entire network to identify the relevant ones. Altogether, payments now become more efficient, both in terms of time and resources.

Introducing myPaymail inbox

Delivering transactions peer-to-peer is incredibly powerful and has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. One of them is the ability to easily track all transactions made to a Paymail handle. As a result, in this new release, every Paymail on the platform gets a payment inbox. If the sender’s wallet supports peer-to-peer payments, transactions will be recorded automatically in your inbox. This new feature also integrates nicely with the ability to customise your destination wallet: you’ll be able to see all the transactions sent directly to you, no matter what destination you have set.

You can access the payment inbox for any of your Paymails by clicking the following button:

You’ll then be taken to the inbox dashboard where you can see the payments sent directly to that Paymail:

We track the fiat price of BSV on the date when transactions were received, and you can convert the amount received to your preferred currency, as well as export the list of payments to a CSV file.

The future is bright

We have more features planned that will improve your Paymails even further. In the meantime, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the platform, so do not hesitate to get in touch. Stay tuned!